Friday, October 28, 2011

Toddler Bunk Beds

Best toddler bunk beds Reviews 2011

A. Dream On Me Classic Sleigh toddler bunk beds Review
Benefit of this toddler bunk bedsAffordable price tag
  1. High quality wood material and finish; looks sturdy enough to withstand toddlers who love to jump on their bed
  2. Easy assembly; takes no more than half an hour
  3. Standard mattress size; no need to buy a new one when moving your child from his/her crib
  4. Perfect bed height; low enough so children can get in on their own.
Lack of this toddler bunk bedsShort side rails; they don't keep the child in the bed really well
  1. The look is too simple; picky children may want something with more colors plus bells and whistles

B. P'kolino toddler bunk beds and Chair
Benefit of this toddler bunk bedsNice looking bed with soft colors
  1. Low height - easy for a toddler to crawl into
  2. Strong enough to withstand a toddler plus mommy/daddy.
  3. Fits a crib-sized mattress
  4. Easy to put together
  5. Can be converted into a chair when your toddler overgrow this bed
  6. Round corners all over the bed
Lack of this toddler bunk beds
Low headboards means your toddler will bump to it a couple of times initially

C. DaVinci Sleigh toddler bunk beds Review
Benefit of this toddler bunk bedsAvailable in various colors; Oak, Cherry, Natural, Ebony, White and Espresso (the color shown above)
  1. Easy to put together and all the necessary tools are already included
  2. Fits standard crib mattresses
  3. Well built, sturdy and good non-toxic finish
Lack of this toddler bunk bedsOnly 70 lbs weight limit which means you can't sit on it when reading bedtime stories or when you tuck your toddler in.

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